Sharp 2T-C42CG2KG2FB 42″ Full HD Smart TV

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  • Full HD TV
  • 1080p Active Motion Display
  • 2.0 Dolby Digital+ Audio
  • Harmon Kardon Speakers
  • Aquos Net+ Smart Platform
  • Miracast Enabled
  • DTS Virtual Surround Sound


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Product Description

Prime Video

With Amazon Prime Video you have access to a huge selection of (original) films and TV shows. Watch the series everyone is talking about and the best films, including the latest blockbusters. The paid streaming service simply always brings good entertainment to your screen.

Full HD Resolution

Full HD gives you images with high clarity with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. A special viewing experience that you don\’t have to do without, even for older films and series. As the built-in image upscaler technology optimises the display of such content in Full HD. Making it fun to watch the old classics again.


Future inclusive: with this very latest video codec, you\’re ready for the broadcasting standards of tomorrow today. And when the action starts, you\’ll be in on the action with your Sharp TV right from the start.

Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus

Everyone is familiar with the terms, and behind them are audio codes for transmitting sound. Dolby Digital can provide sound with 5 channels and subwoofer. With Dolby Digital Plus, two additional channels refine the sound by adding more detail and creating an impressive surround sound.

DTS HD codecs

5 speakers plus a subwoofer: you can find content with this surround sound on Amazon Prime and Google Play Movie, for example. With DTS-HD, you can use them to enhance your listening experience.

HDMI Inputs

Plug it in, ready, go: with HDMI inputs you can connect all kinds of devices –Blu-ray or DVD players, streaming boxes, digital receivers or game consoles. Now films, music and games are available on your TV.

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