Liebherr CBNSFD5723 Plus 201cm 70/30 Fridge Freezer with Biofresh | Stainless Steel | No Frost

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  • Frost Free
  • 2x Bio Fresh Telescopic Safes
  • Fresh Food for up to 90 Days
  • 159L Fridge Capacity
  • 99L Freezer Capacity
  • Easy Twist Ice Machine
  • Optimal Storage Options
  • Integrated Wine Rack
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • H2010 / W597 / D675

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Product Description

This Liebherr CBNsfd 5723 Plus BioFresh and NoFrost Fridge Freezer has a total net capacity of 361 litres which is divided up into a 258 litres fridge and 103 litre freezer. The Freezer compartment has 4 transparent drawers designed to give you easy access and organisation of your frozen produce, 1 of which separable and 3 of which height-adjustable. Liebherr’s NoFrost feature means no more defrosting, this freezer is completely frost free. This is achieved by circulating dry chilled air that freezes the food and expels the humidity. You want your fridge to maintain the optimum temperature, even if you have just put shopping in from the market which has been warmed by the sun? This is a case for SuperCool. Once activated, your Liebherr boosts its performance until the fresh food is as cool as the rest of the contents. SuperCool then switches off automatically – after 12 hours at the latest. The Liebherr CBNsfd 5723 Plus has Fingertip control: the touch display enables easy and intuitive operation of your Liebherr. All functions are clearly arranged on the display. By gently tapping a finger, for example, you can easily select the functions or check the current temperature of your refrigerator.

The BioFresh safes will ensure this is the case. In the Meat & Dairy Safe, the temperature is close to 0 °C – ideal storage conditions for even the most delicate of foods. And best of all, everything is perfectly adjusted in the factory for immediate use – and for longer freshness. Crunchy salad and strawberries: the most delicate foods deserve a special place so they stay fresh longer – in BioFresh safes. In the Fruit & Vegetable safe the temperature is close to 0°C. Combined here with the constant humidity, thanks to the air-tight closure, unpackaged fruit and vegetables feel particularly at home. You do not have to adjust anything.

Want to be prepared for the future of the Smart Home? Your Liebherr will be happy to help. You can retrofit it with a SmartDeviceBox which will connect your Liebherr to the Internet. The SmartDeviceBox can be installed in just a few steps and will open up a world of digital possibilities to you today.

This Liebherr Fridge Freezer benefits from Duo Cooling that has two separately adjustable cooling circuits. There is no exchange of air between the fridge and freezer compartment, so that odours cannot be transferred from one compartment to the other and stored food is prevented from drying out. The SmartSteel finish has the style of conventional stainkless steel, without picking up all those fingerprints!

The CleaningMode removes this dilemma. The refrigeration switches off while the lights stay on. This means you can stay totally relaxed while cleaning your Liebherr.

Your Liebherr also will help you with the energy-saving mode. When you activate the EnergySaver, the standard temperature increases by two degrees. This means your Liebherr needs even less power – and your food stays optimally fresh.

Your Liebherr with a SteelFinish surface is just for you. The colaminate material with vertical brush effect looks very similar to stainless steel, is robust and easy to clean. The painted silver-coloured side walls complement the elegant look perfectly.

PartyMode activates functions such as SuperCool and SuperFrost. After 24 hours, your Liebherr automatically returns to its normal mode.

Want to freeze your fresh food in a way that preserves vitamins? Simply activate SuperFrost – and the freezer compartment will increase its cooling capacity. In this way, the temperature remains constant when you place in unfrozen food. SuperFrost is also energy-saving: if you don’t switch off the function manually, it automatically deactivates itself after 65 hours.

The smell of some foods is sometimes less than pleasant. However, this is no problem for your Liebherr. Thanks to FreshAir activated carbon filters, there’s always fresh air in the interior. The filter is located right on the air flow in the fan housing and goes a long way toward neutralizing odors. The display reminds you to change the filter.

The features of your Liebherr are practical in two ways: Not only do they simplify everyday use, they are also very easy to clean. Does the butter dish, FlexSystem or ice cube tray need to be cleaned? Just put them in the dishwasher. Then you’ll have more time for other things.

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