Hotpoint H3X81IW Freestanding Fridge Freezer

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  • TOTAL NO FROST|Total No Frost technology consistently circulates air around both the fridge and freezer, meaning ice and moisture can’t build up, so won’t be left with soggy salads, and you’ll never have to defrost your fridge or freezer again.
  • ACTIVE FRESH|Electronic controls constantly monitor the temperature inside your fridge and freezer, and quickly restore the right temperature when needed, so if you accidentally left the door open for a while, Hotpoint has you covered.
  • MULTICOOL FLOW|MultiCool Flow evenly distributes cool air inside of the fridge and freezer to a give constant and uniform flow of air, keeping food temperature stable.
  • FRESH ZONE|The Fresh Zone is a dedicated drawer that maintains the correct temperature for crisp salad and long lasting vegetables.
  • LED INTERIOR LIGHTING|Bright LED lighting illuminates the interior of your fridge so you can see everything clearly.

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Product Description

The Hotpoint H3X 81I W Fridge Freezer in white is a modern and efficient appliance that is perfect for any home. This freestanding fridge freezer features Total No Frost technology, which prevents the build-up of ice in the freezer, so you’ll never have to defrost it. It also has Active Fresh technology, which helps to keep your food fresh for longer by maintaining ideal temperatures. The Fresh Zone drawer helps to lock in moisture and keep your vegetables crisp. With its sleek design and thoughtful features, the Hotpoint H3X 81I W Fridge Freezer is an appliance that can help you prevent food waste and save you time.

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